Revised rates of dearness allowance wef 1-12-1978

Attention is invited to para. 2 of MoF O.M. of even No., dated 9-4-1979, as amended by O.M. of even No., dated 3-5-1979, indicating the rates of total
dearness allowance plus additional D.A. per mensem payable in the pay ranges of Rs. 1,031 and above. In para. 3 of the O.M., dated 9-4-1979, it
was indicated that orders as to how much of these amounts would be treated as dearness allowance and how much as additional dearness allowance would be
issued separately.
The President is now pleased to decide that out of the total amount of dearness alloance plus additional dearness allowance
admissible in respect of officers drawing pay of Ra. 1,031 and above, the amount of dearness allowance will be as detailed below and the balance, if any,
treated as additional dearness allowance –

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Pay range Amount of Dearness Allowance per mensem
(i) Rs. 1,031 to 2,157 Rs. 243
(ii) Rs. 2,158 to 2,180 Amount by which pay falls short of Rs. 2,400
(iii) Rs. 2,181 to 2,380 Rs. 220
(iv) Rs. 2,381 to 2,450 Amount by which pay falls short of Rs. 2,600
(v) Rs. 2,451 to 2,500 Rs. 150
(vi) Rs. 2,501 to 2,599 Amount by which pay falls short of Rs. 2,600 plus Rs. 50
(vii) Rs. 2,600 to 2,650 Rs. 50
(viii) Rs. 2,651 and above Nil.

2. These orders take effect from 1-12-1978.