Remittance into Government Account of cash by offices of Government of India: Finance Ministry OM

F.No. 3(2)2016/TA/585
Office of the Controller General of Accounts
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
Block-E, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-110023
Date 15th November 2016

Subject: Remittance into Government Account of cash by offices of Government of India as specified in SO No. 3407(E) dated 8th November, 2016 notified
in Extraordinary Gazette and subsequent S.Os.

A reference is invited to this Office OM No. 3(2)2016/TA/585 dated 10th November. 2016 on the subject cited above (copy enclosed). Government has since
issued further Notifications vide SO No 3408 (E) dated 8th November 2016, SO No. 3429(5) dated 10th November, 2016 and so No. 3443 (E) dated 14‘“ November,
2016 enlarging the scope of payments through Specified Bank Notes of Government dues towards fees, utilities charges, etc. payable to the concerned
authorities of the Central/State Governments/Local Bodies. The Notification also extends the permissible date for deposit of all such Government dues from
14th November, 2016 to 24th November, 2016.

2. It is, therefore reiterated that all such receipts should be deposited into Government Account through the accredited bank, as stipulated in Rule 6 of
CGA (Receipt & Payments) Rules 1983.

3. Copies of the relevant Notifications are enclosed for information and compliance.

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(Soma Roy Burman)
Joint Controller General of Accounts