MOF extended the time limit of one year in the case of family of the deceased govt. servant for admitting Traveling Allowance (TA) claim under SR-147

No.79016/1/2015-E.IV**Government of India**Ministry of Finance**Department of Expenditure***North Bloch New Delhi**Dated the 21st December, 2016**Oflice Memorandum**Sub:- Applicability of provision below SR-147 to the family of deceased Govt. servant, in special circumstances- clarification regarding.


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Bloch New Delhi
Dated the 21st December, 2016
Office Memorandum

Sub:- Applicability of provision below SR-147 to the family of deceased Govt. servant, in   
         special circumstances- clarification regarding. 

        Various references are being received in this Department seeking clarification from this Department as to whether Rule below SR-148 for admitting
Travelling Allowance (TA) claim by family of deceased employees beyond one year period of the death of the employee is also covered under GoI decision
2(iii) below Rule SR-147 which provides that ‘TA to Central Government servant on retirement may be availed of by a Government servant who is eligible for
it, al any time during his leave preparatory to retirement, or within one year of the date of his retirement and powers to extend the time-limit of one
year will be exercised by the Administrative Ministries/Departments with the approval of the FA concerned, in individual cases attendant with special
2.      The matter has been considered in this Department and it has been decided that the above provision below SR-147 for extension of time limit of one year
with the approval of FA of the concerned Ministry, will also be applicable in case of family of the deceased Govt. servant. 
3.       This is issued with the approval of Joint Secretary (Personnel).
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(Nirmala Devi)
Deputy Secretary (EG)
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