Agenda Items for next meeting of Standing Committee of NC (JCM)

Agenda Items for next meeting of Standing Committee of NC (JCM) NFIR National Federation of Indian Railwaymen 3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 110 055 Affiliated to : Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) Internatinal Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) No. IV/NFIR/SCM/Pt.VI dated 05/03/2017 The Secretary, JCM (Staff Side). 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi. Dear Brother


National Federation ofIndian Railwaymen


Affiliated to :

Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)

International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) 


Dated: 05/03/2017

The Secretary,

JCM (Staff Side),

13-C, Ferozshah Road,

New Delhi

Dear Brother,

Sub: Agenda Items for next meeting of Standing Committee of NC
Ref: Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, DoP&T’s
letter No F. No. 3/3/2016-JCA dated 1st March 2017. 
Please find enclosed the items to be included in the agenda for meeting. 
Yours fraternally,

General Secretary

Sub:Counting full service of Temporary causal labourers for pensionary
and retirement benefits in Railways-reg. 
The Staff Side had discussed its demand for counting fulI service of
temporary status of casual labourers for pensionary and retirement benefits
at the level of Railway Ministry. Consequently, the Railway Ministry had
agreed and accordingly proposal was sent to the Ministry of Finance and
DoP&T seeking clearance. Unfortunately, the MoFlDoP&T have not
accorded approval:- 

In this connection, the Staff Side brings following key points for
(a) The Casual Labourers in Railways had attained temporary status on
completion of prescribed days of continuous working and got the benefits
admissible to temporary Railway/Government employees such as regular Pay
Scale, Medical facility etc., 
(b) The Railway Administrations have however taken abnormally long periods
to absorb them as regular staff although regular posts were vacant. 
(c) The status of casual labourers in railways after acquiring temporary
status (termed as Temporary employee) is exactly similar to the substitutes
in whose case, the total service from the date of attainment of temporary
status is counted for reckoning qualifying service for pensionary benefits. 
(d) Various CATs, High Courts and even the Apex Court have given decisions
against the differential treatment between the casual labour and
substitutes particularly when both attained temporary status and directed
to treat them at par so far as reckoning the service from the date of
temporary status till the date of regularization for pensionary benefits
(e) The SLPs filed by the Union of India before the Apex Court in a few
cases of casual labourers were dismissed and the Hon’ble Supreme Court had
directed the Union of India to calculate Pension and other retiral benefits
payable to the retiring/retired employees, taking into account the 100%
temporary status service. 
The Staff Side, therefore, requests to consider the above valid points and
accord approval for counting total temporary status service of Casual
Labourers for pensionary benefits in Railways. 

Sub: Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) for the Central
Government Employees – Arbitrary revision of benchmark from “Good” to
“Very Good”-reg. 
The Staff Side brings to the notice of the Government that after
introduction of the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS)
w.e.f. 01st June 2009, the JCM (Staff Side) took up the issue relating to
the benchmark laid down for granting financial upgradation under the schemd
at the level of DoP&T and discussed in the Joint Committee Meetings and
National Advisory Committee Meetings held on 17/07/2012 ad 27/07/2012,
urging to reconsider the benchmark concept taking into consideration the
norms laid down for promotion of staff. After discussions, the DoP&T
vide O.M. No. 35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) (Vol. II) dated 1st November 2010
& 4th October 2012 had issued instructions that the benchmark
maintained for filling the vacancy through promotion by
selection/non-selection/fitness be adopted for granting financial
The Staff Side however, expresses its disappointment over the decision
(Resolution No.l-2/2O16-IC dated 25th July 2016) of the Ministry of Finance
(Department of Expenditure) introducing the benchmark “Very Good” for
granting financial upgradation. The Government could have taken into
consideration the bilateral agreement reached with the JCM (Staff Side) and
the decision communicated vide DoP&T O.M. dated lst November 2010 and
4th October 2012 for continuance of the standard prescribed already for
granting MACP. Ignoring the said decision and introducing the benchmark
concept of “Very Good” is an unjustified action when bilateral agreement
had already been reached with the JCM (Staff Side). 
The Staff Side therefore urges to review for cancellation of upgraded bench
mark decision. 
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