<p>     7वां वेतन आयोग : मंत्रालय/विभाग पेन्शन संशोधन के पुराने मामलों को     प्राथमिकता दें — भारत पेन्शन समाज </p>

7वां वेतन आयोग : मंत्रालय/विभाग पेन्शन संशोधन के पुराने मामलों को प्राथमिकता दें — भारत पेन्शन समाज

7th CPC Revision of pre-2016 Pensioners: BPS writes that older and super
old pensioners case should be revised on top priority 

No. SG/BPS/Pension Revision/ dated 21.08.2017 ** 1. Shri Arun Jaitley,
Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Union of India, New Delhi, 2. Shri Jitender
Singh, Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Union
of India, New Delhi.*** Subject : Revision of pre-2016 Pensioners (Civil)_Govt of India 

No. SG/BPS/Pension Revision/
Dated: 21.8.2017
1. Shri Arun Jaitley
Hon’ble Minister of Finance,
Union of India, New Delhi.
2. Shri Jitender Singh
Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C),
Prime Minister’s Office,
Union of India, New Delhi.

Subject : Revision of pre-2016 Pensioners (Civil)_Govt of India.
Bharat Pensioners Samaj, an All India Federation of Pensioners’
Associations of all Central Govt, State Govts, PSUs, EPS 95,
Defence(Civil), Autonomous Bodies and NPS pensioners’ and a member of
International Federation on Ageing, Toronto (Canada), expresses its
heartiest gratitude to you and the GOI for Issuing Concordance Tables vide
GOI, Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions, Deptt of Pension and
Pensioners’ Welfare, New Delhi no.38/37/2016-P&PW/A) dated 6th July,
2017, which has not only eased the process of revision of pre-2016
pensioners(civil) of all ranks but has given impetus to the Deptts of the
Central Govt to finalise and issue of revised PPOs at quick pace to the
pensioners/family pensioners who retired during the currency of 4th&
5th CPC i.e. between 01-01-1986 to 31-12-2005.

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However, it is painful to learn that a unilateral decision has been
taken by the Ministries & Departments to do revision of
pensions/family pensions in the descending Order from cessation date
i.e. starting from pensioners who retired in December,2015 though no
such order has been issued either by the Ministry of Finance or the
Ministry of Personnel PG,& Pensions-DOP &PW In this connection,
BPS wishes to submit the following for your kind and active
(a). Pensioners retired in the year 1986 i.e. in the first year of
operation of 4th CPC are already in the 90th year of their lives with
hardly any residual life left. Similarly pensioner retired in the year
1995 have entered 81st year of their life. Their life spans with
innumerable ailments may not be too long and are being deprived of the
timely benefits of upward revision of pensions due to incorrect steps
taken by officials at the helm of affairs. Pensions of these pensioners
were revised during implementation of recommendations of 5th CPC
sometimes in 1997-98 and again in 2008-09 consequent to recommendations
of 6th CPC. This goes to prove that records are available;
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(b)In addition a large number of pensioners have already sent copies of
their PPOs and other Documents to their respective departments from
which they retired. These PPOs and documents contains details such as
Pay scale of the last post held, Post from which retired, Last pay
drawn and other required details.
3. In view of the above facts, there seems to be no wisdom in not
commencing revision of pensions of pre-2016 pensioners in Ascending
order i.e. Older pensioners having retired first. It seems that the
decision start of revision of pensions beginning from December, 2005 is
a game plan to show bogus progress by laying hands on latest records
available. Sir, this is being brought to your kind notice so that
injustice being done to older pensioners/family pensioners is stopped
forthwith. Bharat Pensioners Samaj request that PPOs of older and super
old pensioners are revised on top priority.

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Hoping for immediate favourable action

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,
S C Maheshwari
Secy Gen BPS

Source: http://scm-bps.blogspot.in/