Grant 3rd MACP in Pay Level 9 to Station Masters – NFIR requests to Railway Board

Grant 3rd MACP in Pay Level 9 to Station Masters – NFIR requests to Railway Board
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

No.IV//MACPS/09/Part II

Dated: 28/01/2018
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Reckoning Grade Pay Rs. 4200/Level 6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix
as entry Grade Pay for granting financial upgradation under MACPS to
Station Masters category in Railways-reg.

Ref: (i) NFIR’s PNM Item No. 15/2017.
(ii) Railway Board’s letter No. PCVII/2016/RSRP/2 dated 02/08/2016
[Annexure-B Note 2/RBE No. 93/2016].
(iii) Railway Board’s letter No. PC-V/2009/ACP/2 dated 10/06/2009.
(iv) NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/MACPS/2009/Part II dated 28/08/2017 &
Federation invites kind attention of the Railway Board to NFIR’s PNM item
No.15/2017, demanding reckoning of GP 4200/Level 6 as entry grade pay for granting financial
upgradation under MACPS to the Station Master category. The agenda item,
when discussed on 13/14.11.2017, the Official Side conveyed that the matter
was under examination in Board’s office. 
The Federation has however come across with a letter issued by the Railway
Board vide No.PC-V/2009/ACP/5/CR dated 11/12/2017, wherein clarification has been sent to
the GM, Central Railway that reckoning GP 4200/- as entry grade pay for the
purpose of MACPS is not feasible of acceptance, as this view has been taken
by the Railway Board with reference to Item No.31 of Board’s letter
No.PC-V/99/l/l/l dated 19/02/2002.
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Federation however contends that the post of ASM in GP 2800/- stood
abolished and upgraded to GP 4200/- through merger, pursuant to acceptance of recommendation of the 7 th CPC. The designation of the ASM in GP 2800/- has also been
abolished altogether. Secondly, the point of reference vide Board’s letter
dated 19/02/2002 (Item No.31) is not at all relevant in this case and on
the other hand the condition mentioned in para 5 of Annexure to Board’s
letter No.PC-V/2009/ACP/2 dated 10/06/2009 is relevant and needed to be
NFIR therefore requests the Railway Board to consider the above facts and
issue instructions to the Zonal Railways to grant 3rd financial upgradation to the Station
Masters in pay Level – 9 on completion of 30 years of regular service duly
treating Grade Pay 4200/- as entry grade.
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Copy of the instruction issued may be endorsed to the Federation.
Yours faithfully
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Copy to the Executive Director, PC-I, Railway Board, Metro Bhavan, DFCC
Building, Pragati Maidan, Metro Bhavan, New Delhi for information and necessary action please.
Copy to the General Secretaries of Zonal Unions of NFIR.
Media Centre/NFIR.
File No. 15/2017 (PNM) 


Source : NFIR