CGDA Clarifiation on Completion of APARs in r/o Group-‘B’ Gazetted Officers of DAD through SPARROW

CGDA Clarifiation on Completion of APARs in r/o Group-‘B’ Gazetted Officers
of DAD through SPARROW
रक्षा लेखा महानियंत्रक
Controller General of Defence Accounts
उलन बटार मार्ग, पालम, दिल्ली छावनी – 110010
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt – 110010 
No AN/XIII/l3133/Misc/SPARROW/2017
Dated: 07.12.2018
The All Pr. Controllers/Controllers
(Through CGDA’s web-site) 

Sub: Introduction of SPARROW for completion of APARs in r/o all Group-’B’ Gazetted officers of DAD.
Ref: In continuation of this HQrs Office letter of even no dated

Reference from various offices have been received in this HQrs office regarding processing of APARs in respect of SAOs/AOs/AAOs serving in IFAs, RTCs, CIA (OF) or any other Offices where due to any reasons ACDA/DCDA/JCDA/ Addl CDA (Reporting Officer) is not available for qualifying period of ninety days or more for reporting purpose the APAR.
2. The matter has been examined in this HQrs office and consequent to recent cadre review, HQrs office has also undergone various changes and some of the posts in the hierarchy have been upgraded rendering the existing old APAR writing channel redundant. The old system leads to reviewing/ accepting of large number of APARs by very senior officers i.e. CGDA/Addl. CGDA by-passing the intermittent level officers now become available. 
3. Accordingly, the following revised procedure/arrangements of reporting, reviewing, accepting and consideration of representation against the entries and final grading in APAR in r/o of Group- ‘B’ Officers has been approved by the Competent Authority. 
i. If no Accepting officer is available then, the APAR” may be accepted by the reviewing officer and their may be no need to send to higher officers for acceptance. 
ii. In case where no reviewing officer is available then the following channels is proposed: 
Nature of case for


Reviewing and



Authority to

Consider representation

against entries and

grading in APAR
SAOs/AOs/AAOS posted in PIFAs/IFAS/ CIA (OF) officers

RTCS/ CIA (OF) Kolkata or any Office where due to any
reason ACDA/DCDA/ICDA/ Addl. CDA is not posted for

period of 90 days or more for reporting


IFA/CDA/CIA (OF) under which qualifying period served.
Sr. It. CGDA

(IFA) for officers posted in

IFA offices. Sr. It, CGDA (Admin) for officers posted in

other offices.
4. All the concerned PAR managers are directed to revise the path of the pending APARs accordingly in SPARROW system to enable their finalization latest by 20th Dec 2018. 
This issues with the approval of the CGDA.
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(Dr B K Verma)