Railway : Appointment on Compassionate grounds – Delegation of power reg. (RBE No. 180/2018)

 Railway : Appointment on Compassionate grounds – Delegation of power reg. (RBE No. 180/2018)
रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD

RBE NO. 180/2018 
No. E(NG)II/1998/RC-1/64 
New Delhi, dated 27.11.2018
The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. 
Sub: Appointment on Compassionate grounds – Delegation of power – reg. 
Attention is invited to this Ministry’s letters No.
E(NG)II/2009/RC-1/SCR/39 dated 04.06.2010 (RBE No. 80/2010) wherein Board had the power to consider
appointment on compassionate grounds in Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- and above (Level-6 and
Level-7 in 7th CPC Pay Matrix) where direct recruitment quota is 25% or lesser and para 2
of Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/1998/RC-1/64 dated 31.05.2011 (RBE No. 77/2011) whereby
these powers were delegated to General Managers.
2. It has now been decided by the Board that DRMs/CWMs/HODs may consider appointment on Compassionate grounds up to Level-6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix.
However, General Managers power to consider case of Level- 7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix
will remain the same. 
Please acknowledge receipt. 
(Neeraj Kumar)
Director Estt. (N)II
Railway Board.
New Delhi, dated 27.11.2018
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Copy to
  1. The General Secretary, AIRF, Room No. 253, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi (35
  2. The General Secretary, NFIR, Room No. 256-E, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi
    (35 spares).
  3. All Members of Departmental Council and National Council and
    Secretary, Staff Side, National Council, 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi (90 spares).
  4. The Secretary General, FROA, Room No. 256-A, Railway Board (5 spares).
  5. The Secretary, RBSS, Group ‘A’ Officers’ Association (5 spares).
  6. The President, Railway Board Class II Officers’ Association.
  7. The Secretary General, IRPOF Room No.341-C, Railway Board.
  8. The Secretary, Indian Railways Class II Officers’ Association.
  9. The Secretary, Railways Board Ministerial Staff Association.
  10. The President, Railway Board Class IV Officers’ Association.
  11. The General Secretary, AIRPF Association.
  12. The General Secretary, All India SC& ST Railway Employees
    Association, Room No- 8, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.
  13. The General Secretary, Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association
    (Regd.), 490A/16, Gurudwara Road, Gurgaon.
  14. Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety, 16, Ashok Road, Lucknow.
for Secretary/Railway Board
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