ECHS Smart Card: Documents required as proof of income to check eligibility of dependents

ECHS Smart Card: Documents required as proof of income to check eligibility
of dependents

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters of MoD (Army),
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010

B/ 49711-NewSmartCard /AG/ ECHS

29 Apr 2019

IHQ of MoD (Air Force)

IHQ of MoD (Navy)

HQ South Comd (A/ ECHS)

HQ East Comd (A/ ECHS)

HQ West Comd (A/ ECHS)

HQ Central Comd (A/ ECHS)

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Regional Centres ECHS


1. Refer to Central Organisation ECHS letter No B/ 49701-PR /AG/ ECHS/ 2017
dated 27 Sep 2017 and 8/49701-PR/ AG/ ECHS/ 2017 dt 16 Nov 2017(Not to
2. A policy on eligibility criteria for ECHS membership was promulgated
vide letters under reference. The following documents are required to be
produced by the ESM for all dependants above 18 years of age (except
spouse) at the time of collection of their Cards:-
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(a) Self attested copy of PAN Card.
(b) Self attested copy of Form 26AS for the last two financial years.
3. In case the documents given at Para 2(a) & (b) can not be produced
by the ESM, then he will have to furnish a self attested certificate for
dependant above 18 Years of age. Specimen proforma is attached as Appx ‘A’.
4. In case of income of dependents above 18 years of age (except spouse) is
more than Rs 9000/ – from all sources ( excluding DA) per month, then the ECHS Cards for such
dependants will not be handed over to the beneficiary/ ESM. Such Cards will
be destroyed by a board of officers every month and record be maintained at
the Station HQ’s. Details of such destruction be forwarded to Regional
Centre concerned, Central Organization, ECHS and M/ S SourceDotCom Private
Limited. Cases will be intiated in such cases for cancellation of cards
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5. It is further reiterated that the Cards of all dependants will be
blocked automatically by the system on completion of one year. The ESM will
have to submit an online self declaration certificate by using his login
credentials. A specimen ECHS self attested certificate for dependant above
18 years of age is attached as Appx ‘B’. The fields marked
as ‘A’ will be auto populated and in the balance fields
the beneficiary will have to upload the required certificate/ enter
details. This renewal facility will be available one month in advance from
completion of one year from the date of issue of Card/ last renewal.
(Rakesh Kakar)
Col Retd
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)

Encls: (As above)

Copy to:-

SourceDotCom: The details of Cards destroyed by Regional Centres & fwd
by Private Ltd board of officers should be blocked & removed from the
system. However, data of such Cards should be maintained separately &
fwd to Central Organization, ECHS on six monthly basis.


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Medical Section

C & L Section

P & FC Section

S&A Section You are requested to upload the ECHS website and copy given
to SourceDotcom.

Appendix – ‘A’

Self Attested Certificate From for Dependents – Submission at the
time of collection of Card – Click to view

Appendix – ‘B’

Self attested certificate form for dependent above 18 years – to be
submitted every year

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