Pass facility to non-Railway servants – Railway Board Order RBE No. 89/2019

Pass facility to non-Railway servants – Railway Board Order RBE No. 89/2019

RBE-No. 89/2019


No. E(W)2019/PS5-1/5

New Delhi, dated 97.06.2019

The General Managers (P)

All Zonal Railways é&

Production Units. .

Sub: Pass facility to non-Railway servants.

As-per Rule 11(1) of the Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 (hereinafter
referred as RSPR-1986), Special Passes are admissible only to Railway
Servants, their family members or dependent relatives, as the case may be,
on certain specific grounds listed under Rule 11. Furthermore, Rule 11(2)
lays down the circumstances and the conditions subject to which such passes
may be issued to them. These circumstances and conditions are specified in
Schedule-VIL Therefore, it is observed that Rule 11 and Schedule-VII are
meant only for Railway Servants, their family members or dependent
2. However, it is noticed that over a period of time, pass facilities to
certain categories of non-Railway Servants have also been erroneously
incorporated as item Nos.18(il to vi), 22, 24(ii & iii), 25, 26, 30,
31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 (part), 39, 40 & 41 of the Schedule-VIT of
3. In this connection, it is also observed that a pass/PTO may be issued to
a non-Railway Servant under Rule 12 only. Therefore, after a review, it has
been decided to continue pass/PTO facilities to many of such non-Railway
Servants under Rule 12 (i.e. through administrative instructions) and not
under Rule 11. Accordingly, in exercise of powers conferred on Competent
Authority in Ministry of Railways under Rule 12 of Railway Servants (Pass)
Rules-1986, these administrative instructions are issued to regulate,
henceforth, pass facility to non-Railway Servants, as stipulated in
Annexure-I to this letter.
4, Moreover, pass facilities extended under Item Nos,.22, 25 & 35 of
Schedule VII of RSPR-1986 (viz. to the candidates summoned for
test/interview by RRB/RRC, Members of ZRUCC/NRUCC and whole time employees
of the Trade Unions/Federations) will no longer be governed by Schedule VII
under Rule 11. Hence, Competent authority has decided that these facilities
shall be continued and regulated by extant administrative instructions, as
already issued by respective nodal directorates of Ministry of Railways.
5. Furthermore, it is seen that pass facility to families of reservists and
Casual Labour on recruitment/discharge (i.e. Item No.26 & 30 of
RSPR-1986) are no more relevant and hence stands discontinued with
immediate effect.
6. Amendment to the Railway Servants (Pass) Rules 1986, as necessary will
(D. V. Rao)
Director Estt. (Welfare)
Railway Board

Encl: Annexure-I

Annexure to Board’s letter No. E(W)2019/PS5-1/5 dated 03.06.2019
Sl. No.
Category of non-railway servant
Type of Pass
Class of Pass
Validity over Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Duronto Express Type
Other conditions
(a) Full time regular staff of quasi Railway Institutions
b) Full time
regular staff of
Libraries, Homeopathic/
and other such
welfare units
run under the aegis of Staff
Benefit Fund
Committees on whole-time
regular basis
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
Appropriate class to be determined by General Manager on
pay-cum-status basis.
Not entitled
(i) May be issued to an employee who is working as Manager/
Accountant of Railway Cooperative Credit Societies/ Banks
for undergoing training from place of work to the training
centre and back.
(ii) May be issued to the Directors of the Rly. Cooperative
Credit Societies/ Banks when they go either to inspect the
Branch Office or meet the Divisional Officers in connection
with the recovery of loans and other dues.
(iii) May be issued when General Manager/Financial Adviser
& Chief Accounts Officer considers it necessary for an
employee of Cooperative Society to go to an Accounts Office
to reconcile discrepancies.
(iv) May be issued Passes and Concessional Ticket Orders
(on terms similar to PTOs of Railway employees) for self
and eligible family members at the following scales. :-
Passes :
1st and 2nd year of
: Nil
3rd to 20th year of
: 1 set of pass in a calendar year
21st year and over : 2 sets of passes in a calendar year

Concessional Ticket Orders:
1st year of service : Nil
2nd year of service and over : 2 sets in a calendar year
(v) Concessional Seasonal Tickets as applicable to Railway
employees may be issued over the sections where Railway
Employees are entitled to the benefit of RCPs/CSTs.
(vi) As regards Secretaries and Managers, the number of
passes and Concessional Ticket Orders may be the same as
for Group C railway servants.

(1) Post Retirement Complimentary Passes and CTOs are not
admissible on cessation of service.
(2) Retired railway servants, re-employed by quasi
institutions and welfare units run under the aegis of Staff
Benefit Fund Committees may either elect to get passes on
post- retirement account or in terms of these provisions.
(3) The staff of the Railway Employees’ Co-operative
Insurance Societies, integrated with the Life Insurance
Corporation of India, are not eligible for the above
(4) First Class Passes/CTOs should be without attendant
(5) Dependent relatives are not to be included in the
Artists invited to perform cultural activities, etc.
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
First Class/ Second Class
Not entitled
(i) May be issued to the supporting artists and outsiders
who are essentially required by the main artists (railway
servant) for participation in the celebrations held during
the Railway Week. The class of pass of the entire party may
be the highest class to which any one member (who is a
railway servant) of the parties 1s ordinarily entitled but
not higher than First Class.
(ii) Not more than 5 First Class and 15 Second Class passes
in a calendar year may be issued in favour of artists who
are invited by the authorised organisations e.g. Railway
Women’s Organisations etc. to give performance for
charitable purposes, the net proceeds of which are credited
to their funds and utilised for Railwaymen’s Welfare and/or
contributed to the Railway Minister’s Welfare and Relief
Fund. Such passes should not also be issued for more than
two occasions in a year by Zonal Railways/Production Units.
Requirement, if any, in excess of 5 First Class and 15
Second Class passes in a calendar year will have to be met
by the concerned organization.
Survivors and relatives of railway accident victims
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
As stipulated under the conditions
The same type of train in which the victim was travelling
(i) Passes of the same class in which the surviving victim
was travelling or higher if recommended by Doctor may be
(ii) Passes to not more than two relatives of the victim
may be issued.
Lecturer/eminent person invited by Centralised Railway
Training Institutes
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
First Class ‘A’/First Class
Not entitled
(i) Visiting Lecturer of the rank of Jt. Secretary/SAG to
the Government of India and above may be issued Pass valid
for travel in 1-AC Class.
(ii) In respect of other visiting Lecturer/eminent
personalities, First Class pass may be issued with the
approval of Head of the Institute concerned.
Railway Magistrates
Duty Pass
First Class
(i) Duty Card/Cheque Passes over respective jurisdiction
and up to divisional headquarters, wherever required.
(ii) No family member to be included in the Duty Card Pass.
Note:- Other conditions relating to issue of such passes
shall continue to be governed by extant administrative
(Ref: Board’s letters No. E(W)96/PS5-11/1 dated 15.01.2004,
No.E(W)E(Trg)61/PS5-2/6 dated 25.03.1963, No.E(G)61/PS5-2/6
dated 16.04.1962 & No.E(G)60/PS5-2/3 dated 24.09.1960).
Government Railway Police (GRP)
Duty Pass
First Class ‘A’ or
First Class
Second Class
Only to one Officer of the rank equivalent to IG and above
from each State, heading and exclusive in charge of GRP.
(i) Entitled to First/Second Class Duty Card/Cheque Passes
over specified jurisdictions i.e. entire jurisdiction of
the officer/officials of GRP, even if the same extends to
the contiguous Railway(s).
(ii) First Class ‘A’ Duty Pass entitlement to GRP Officers
for self-travel only, over jurisdictions as specified
above, will be regulated as under provided that such
officers are also entitled to travel in 1-AC Class as per
Travelling Allowance Rules/Orders/Instructions of
respective State Governments:-
(a) IGs/DIGs/AIGs who are exclusive m-charge of GRP are
entitled to First Class ‘A’ “Duty Card Passes” valid for
travel in 1-AC Class of Mail/Express trains.
(b) IGs/DIGs/AJGs supervising GRP in addition to certain
other duties (i.e. not exclusive in-charge) are entitled to
First Class ‘A’ “Duty Cheque Passes” valid for travel in
1-AC Class of Mail/Express trains for performing railway
(c) One Officer of the rank equivalent to IG and above from
each State, heading and exclusive in-charge of GRP is
entitled to First Class ‘A’ “Duty Card Pass” for
self-travel in 1-AC Class of Mail/Express/Rajdhani trains
and EC Class of Shatabdi Express trains.
Note:- Other conditions relating to issue of such passes
shall continue to be governed by administrative orders
issued from time to time.
(Ref: Board’s letters No.E(W)2011/PS5-13/1 dated
13.05.2011, No.E(W)2002/PS5-1/10 dated 08.04.2005,
No.EC(W)91/PS5-13/2 dated 04.01.1999 &
No.E(W)86/PS5-13/1 dated 21.02.1986).
Serving and Former Railway Ministers (MR/MoS®/DMR)
Duty Pass/ Tenure Privilege Pass/ complimentary Card Pass
First Class ‘A’
(i) Serving MR/MoS(RYDMR:- :
(a) Gold Pass may be issued to incumbent MR/ MOS(R)/DMR for
undertaking journeys on official duty.
(b) For journeys otherwise than on duty i.e. on personal
account, 06 sets of First Class ‘A’ Tenure-Privilege Passes
per year may be issued to serving MR/MOS(R)/DMR for self
& other eligible members ic. family & dependent
relatives as defined in the Railway Servants (Pass) Rules,
as amended from time to time.
(c) Other conditions of travel on passes will be the same
as applicable to serving Board Members. :
(ii) Former MR/MOS(R)/DMR:-
First Class ‘A’ Complimentary Card Pass with lifetime
validity available by 1-AC Class alongwith one Companion in
the same Class may be issued.
Lecturers/ Instructors for participating in Workiers
Education Programmes
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
Not higher than First Class
Not entitled
May be issued for participating in Workers Education
Programmes conducted by AIRF/NFIR in the Zonal Headquarters
Station/Divisional Headquarters Station/Centralised
Training Institutes.
Persons invited in connection with train working like
trail, runs, etc.
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
As decided by General Manager
Not entitled
May be issued with the personal approval of General Manger.
Claimants before Railway Claims Tribunal
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
Sleeper Class
Not entitled
Passes from the place of residence to the place of hearing
and back may be issued when attendance of the claimants is
ordered by Railway Claims Tribunal in respect of cases
falling under Section 124 & 124-A of the Railways Act,
Doctors/para medical staff invited in connection with blood
donation/eye testing camps being organized on the Railways
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
As decided by General Manager, but not higher than First
Not entitled
May be issued in optimum need based situations, from the
place of work/residence to the place where the camps are
being held and back.
Sahayaks (Licensed Porters)
Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Pass
Second/Sleeper Class
Not entitled
One set of Pass and two sets of PTOs for self & spouse
only with validity of 5 months.
(Ref: Board’s letter No.E{W)2019/PS5-6/6 dated 08.03.2019).
Candidates summoned for test/interview by RRB/RRC
As per instructions issued from time to time by respective
nodal Directorates of Railway Board.
Members of Railway Users’ Consultative Committee and
National Railway Users’ Consultative Council
Whole time employees of the Trade Unions/Federations
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