Reduction to lower time-scale of pay/ grade – Regulation of pay : Case History No. 8

Reduction to lower time-scale of pay/ grade
– Regulation of pay : Case History No. 8

Case History No. 8

(viii) Case 8: Reduction to lower
time-scale of pay/ grade

The penalty of reduction to the lower grade
carrying Level 8 for a period of two years is imposed on Government servant
who is at Level 9 w.e.f. 04.11.2018. with further directions that the
reduction shall not postpone his future increments and on the expiry of the
period he shall regain his original seniority in the higher grade.

On 4.11.2018, the Government servant is
drawing Rs. 58000 in Level 9 of Pay Matrix. The Government servant had been
promoted from the post in Level 8 to the post in Level 9 of the Pay Matrix
on 13.08.2016 and on promotion his pay was fixed at Rs. 54700/-. At the time
of promotion his pay was Rs.52000 in Level 8 of the Pay Matrix.

In this case the pay in Level 8 would need to
be fixed w.e.f. 4.11.2018 to 3.11.2020 as if he had continued in Level 8.
Pay would be regulated as under:
Date Level 9 Level 8
13.08.2016 54700 [2nd Cell in Level 9] 52000 [4th Cell in Level 8]@
1.07.2017 56300 [3rd Cell in Level 9] 53600 [5th Cell in Level 8]@
1.07.2018 58000 [4th Cell in Level 9] 55200 [6th Cell in Level 8]@
3.11.2018 58000 [4th Cell in Level 9]
[date of penalty order]
55200 [6th Cell in Level 8] [after
imposition of penalty]
Pay during the currency period from 4.11.2018 to
  1. Reduced pay w.e.f. 4.11.2018 to 30.06.2019 will be 55200
    [6th Cell in Level 8]
  2. Pay w.e.f. 1.07.2019 to 30.06.2010 will be Rs. 56900/- [7th
    Cell in Level 8]
  3. Pay w.e.f. 1.07.2020 to 3.11.2020 will be Rs. 58600 [8th
    Cell in Level 8]
Notional pay during the currency period On 1st July, 2019 Rs.59700 [5th Cell in Level 9]
On 1st July, 2020 Rs. 61500 [6th Cell in Level 9]
4.11.2020 [After completion of penalty] 61500 [6th Cell in Level 9]
Next Increment 1.7.2021 63300 [7th Cell in Level 9]
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1. @Notional pay in Level 8 from 13.08.2016 to

2. Under FR-28. the authority which orders the
reduction of a Government servant as a penalty from a higher grade or post
to a lower grade or post may allow him to draw pay at any stage, not
exceeding the maximum of the lower grade or post, which it may think proper.
Provided the pay allowed to be drawn by a government servant shall not
exceed the pay which he would have drawn by the operation of FR 22 read with
clause (b) or (c), as the case may be of FR 26. This illustration is where
no such orders have been passed. Where the disciplinary authority has
specified the pay to be drawn in the lower post pay will be drawn as per
those directions.
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