APAR – Online filling and recording for the Employees of Navoday Vidyalaya Samiti from the year 2018-19.

APAR – Online filling and recording for the Employees of Navoday Vidyalaya Samiti from the year 2018-19.

Ministry of Human Resource
(An Autonomous Organization under
Development, Department of School Education & Literacy)
Govt. of India, B – 15, Institutional Area,
Sector – 62, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh – 201309

F.No. 4-2/2013-NVS(Admn.)/1214

Dated 27/08/2019


The Deputy Commissioner
Navoday Vidyalaya Samiti
All Regional Offices

Sub: Online filling and recording of APAR for the Employees of Samiti from the Reporting year 2018-19.


In continuation to this office letter of even number 01.08.2019, it is to intimate that keeping in view the difficulties being faced in online filing and recording of the APAR for the year 2018-19, the Competent Authority has approved extension of time limit for one month. According, the revised time schedule for online submission for the reporting year 2018-19 is as under:-

S. No.


Date by which to be completed


Submission of self-appraisal to the Reporting Officer



Forwarding of report by Reporting Officer to
Reviewing Officer



Forwarding of report by Reviewing Officer to the
Accepting Authority



Appraisal by Accepting Authority



Disclosure of APAR to the officer reported upon



Receipt of representation, if any, on APAR



Forwarding of representation to the Competent



Disposal of representation by the Competent Authority

Within one month of the date of receipt of
representation by the competent authority


Communication of the decision of the Competent
Authority on the representation by the APAR Cell

With 15 days of finalization of decision by Competent


End of entire APAR process, after which the APAR will
be finally taken on record


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Note: Entire APAR process should be completed by 28th February, 2020, after which APAR will be finally taken on record. No changes can be made in the APAR after the midnight of 28th February, 2020 and same will be automatically closed and finally submitted irrespective of its pendency in the

Further, the following points may be kindly noted while filling up the APAR :-

  • In the event of Reporting and Reviewing Officers’ retirement from the services of the Samiti, the accepting authority may write the ACR and assign the grading.

  • In case of the resignation of the Reporting Officer, the Reviewing Officer may write the ACR and assign the grade.

  • In case of Stenographer/PA, if the Reporting Officer retires then his successors may write the ACR and assign the grade irrespective of the period of his supervision.

  • There are also queries being received from field units as to who will be the Reporting Officer in place of the Vice-Principal when he/she is not posted/available in the JNV. In this case, the Principal will be the Reporting Officer, Cluster Incharge may be the Reviewing Officer and the Dy. Commissioner of the Region will be the accepting authority.

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Other contents of the letter dated 01.08.2019 shall remain unchaged.

You are requested to kindly disseminate the revised time schedule and above instructions for information to all concerned and direct them to strictly adhere to the time schedule for filling up of APAR as mentioned above.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

Yours faithfully,

(N.K. Pahwa)
Deputy Commissioner (Admn.)

Copy to:

  1. JC(Pers.) – for information.

  2. DC(Pers) – with a request to kindly arrange for uploading the same on the website of the Samiti.

  3. Notice Board.


Source: https://navodaya.gov.in/nvs/en/Promotion-Notification/#