E-Office Implementation – Railways Board’s guidelines

E-Office Implementation – Railways Board’s guidelines

E-Office Implementation – Railways Board’s guidelines


भारत सरकार /Government of India
रेल मंत्रालय / Ministry of Railways
रलवे बोर्ड /Railway Board


Sub:- Implementation  of e-office

Attention  is invited to Office Order No. 78 of 2019 regarding compulsory use of e-office ( paperless processing) from 1st December, 2019 in Board’s Office at all levels.

2. As per aforesaid Office Order, all new files is to be opened and processed electronically. The mode of physical creation of e-receipt and file is to be completely stopped. In order to have smooth transition from 1st December, 2019 onwards, towards paperless processing and movement of paperless receipts/files, all concerned are requested to adhere to following:-

a) All infrastructure and technical issues may immediately be addressed to Stationery/RBCC and Telecom Branch.

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b) The Nodal Officers of the Directorate/Cell may invariably update the Employee Master Data (EMD);

c) In case training is still required, AM/PED/ED may take initiative by asking RBCC to conduct special customised training session for them wherein all concerned officers of a particular Directorate ( AM/PED/ED and below) are present. However, for this aspect, all infrastructure arrangement towards training would have to be arranged/undertaken by the concerned Directorate themselves. RBCC would provide manpower for conducting such customize training session;

d) No dedicated or separate manpower for scanning or other work  relating to creation of e-receipt from physical receipt or processing through e-file would be provided by the administration or from RBCC. Initial help or troubleshooting is also to be arranged in the first instance inhouse ( within Directorate) through available trained manpower. As such, all should initiate necessary action for making themselves aware and familiar with working of e-office.

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e) Demands for scanning of existing records/proceedings may be made urgently to RBCC as scanning centre is now functional at ground floor R.No. l 0-G.

3 . As a safeguard and to avoid any problem in December, all concerned are requested to initiate working on paperless mode of e-office from November, 2019 itself so that all problems towards paperless processing may be sorted out in time.

4. Clear directives may be given by AMs/PEDs and EDs to their subordinates and concerned section for putting up all files in e-file through e-Office only. They themselves are to ensure that all files to Board Members are put up in e-file mode through e-Office.

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5. Strict compliance of the above instructions at all levels is solicited.

No. 2019/0&M/2/3
Dated:- 04.l 1.2019

(B. Majumdar)
Joint  Secretary/Railway Board

All Officers and Branches  in Board ‘s Office, at Metro Station Building, Pragati Maidan  and Dayabasti, New Delhi.