Merger of Postemaster Cadre Grade-I, II & III with General Line LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I – reg. Deptt. of Post Order

Merger of Postemaster Cadre Grade-I, II & III with General Line LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I – reg. Deptt. of Post Order

No. 25-19/2018-PE-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(PE·I Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Dated: 31st October, 2019


This is in continuation  of this office  Order  of even number  dated 10.07.2019, which was regarding merger of Postmaster Cadre (Grade·I, II & III) with General line (LSG, HSG·II & HSG·I). In para 3 of merger Order dated 10.07.2019, it  was stated that instructions for merger of identified Postmaster Grade POs with other POs shall be issued separately in due course of time.

2. In this regard, this to mention that the Committee constituted to examine the issues relating to the Postmasters Cadre had observed that consequent upon restructuring of Group·C posts of General line, Post Offices earlier headed by LSG officials are now being headed by HSG·II officials. Similarly, Post Offices earlier headed  by HSG·II officials are now being headed by HSG·I officials. Therefore, the Committee recommended that the Post Offices currently being headed by Postmaster Grade-I and Postmaster Grade-II may be headed  by  HSG-II  and  HSG-I  officials  respectively   after merger. Post Offices currently being headed y Postmaster  Grade-III may be headed by HSG- I.

3. Further, this is to mention that the Postmasters Cadre was created/introduced by carving out posts from the existing General Line posts of LSG, HSG·II, and HSG·I and designating them as Postmaster Grade-I, Postmaster Grade·II and Postmaster Grade·III to preferably head HOs, MDGs, offices identified for CBS, major delivery office and major LSG SOs located in prime locations. Now, the Postmaster Cadre (Grade· , II & III) stands merged with General Line (LSG, HSG·II & HSG·I) and there is a single unified cadre of General Line having LSG, HSG·II & HSG·I level posts.

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4. Therefore , the Post Offices which were being headed by Postmaster Grade·I officials should be headed by HSG·II officials, Post Offices which were  being  headed  by  Postmaster  Grade·II  officials  should  be  headed  by

HSG-I officials and Post Offices which were being headed by Postmaster Grade-III should be headed by HSG-I. However,  no new post of HSG-II/HSG­ I has been  created for the purpose.

5. Therefore, it is requested to upgrade the posts of SPMs of Postmaster Grade-I POs to HSG-II,by downgrading equal number of SPM posts of Triple Handed POs and other norm based LSG posts in POs (which were upgraded to HSG-II after  Cadre Restructuring of Group C posts) to LSG status. The posts of Postmaster Grade-I(Now LSG) may be redeployed/diverted to Triple Handed POs/LSG posts in POs which shall be downgraded to LSG status for this purpose.

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6. Similarly, the posts of SPMs of Postmaster Grade-II POs may b upgrade to HSG-I , by downgrading equal number of HSG-I posts which were upgraded to HSG- I level from HSG-II level after Cadre Restructuring of Group·C posts, preferably in the following order:-

(i) By downgrading the HSG-1 posts available as Dy. PM/APM/AD etc. in the bigger POs where there is more than one HSG-I posts.

(ii) By downgrading other HSG-I posts available in any other Unit/Office having more than one HSG-I posts.

(iii) At last, if sufficient number of posts are not available by exercising above two options, some HSG-I POs may be downgraded to HSG- I level which were upgraded to HSG-I level after Cadre Restructuring of Group C posts.

7. Further, the all the Postmaster Grade-III POs may be designated as HSG-I POs, as the Postmaster Grade-III and HSG-I were same level posts.

8. All the Postmaster Grade POs  shall  be  de·identified  and re-designated as per the guidelines given above.

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(Smriti  Sharan)
Dy. Director General (Estt.)
Tele: 011-2304 4718


All Chief Postmasters General I Postmasters General

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  5. Sr. DDG (Vigilance) & CVO / Sr. DDG (PAF).
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  7. Adell. Director General, Army Postal Service, New Delhi
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