Implementation of various training programmes under Training For All (TFA) Scheme – DoPT Order dated 20-01-2020

Implementation of various training programmes under Training For All (TFA) Scheme – DoPT Order dated 20-01-2020

Implementation of various training programmes under Training For All (TFA) Scheme – DoPT Order dated 20-01-2020

F.No.T-16011/1/2020-TFA (CN 3150940)
Government of India
M/o Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(Training Division)

Old JNU Campus, New Delhi.
Dated the 20th January, 2020


The Heads of State / UT ATIs
(As per Standard List)

Sub: Proposal for implementation of various training programmes under the Training For All Scheme-reg.

Sir/ Madam,

Under Training For All (TFA) Scheme, this Department supports State / UT Administrative Training Institutes (ATIs) for conducting inter-alia the following training programmes:-

(i) Intensive Training Programme (ITP): to provide saturation training of frontline personnel manning the public service delivery chain, in sectors identified by States, in specific geographical area of a State/UT. This Programme aims to impact upon functional knowledge, skills and attitudinal orientation of the frontline functionaries through appropriately designed training interventions to make public service delivery effective.

(ii) 12-Day Induction Training Programme: to develop generic and domain specific competencies in newly recruited Group-B (non-gazetted) & Group-C cutting edge level State/UT Government functionaries for strengthening their capabilities to improve the public service delivery mechanism.

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(iii) Comprehensive Online Modified Module on Induction Training (COMMIT): for newly recruited frontline State/UT government functionaries to develop in them Generic & Doman specific competencies.

2. In addition to the above, this Department also provides financial assistance under Augmentation of Capacity of Training Institutes (ACTI) for augmenting infrastructure in the form of hardware, software and courseware, networking of training institutions and consolidating the training ware. Under this Scheme, the training Institutes are also supported and encouraged for developing case studies, e-learning packages, training films, organizing workshops, special programmes, seminars etc (approved list of admissible items and item-wise rates are enclosed). Further, this Department is also implementing Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) to broaden and hone the knowledge and skill base of the Master Trainers (MTs) / Recognized Trainers (RTs), developed by this Department and faculty members working in Central Training Institutes (CTls)/ State/UT ATIs. Under this, this Department sponsors the MTs/ RTs/ faculty members of CTIs/ATIs for undergoing domestic short-term/ correspondence courses conducted by various institutes of repute. The details of the programmes/ training exposures sponsored by this Department, the institutes recognized in this regard and eligibility conditions may be perused in this  Departments letter dated 28-04-2014 (

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3. Accordingly, proposals are invited from the State/UT ATIs under the above-mentioned components for the financial year 2020-21. It may kindly be noted that the proposals of such State/UT ATIs, which have not furnished the Utilization Certificates in the prescribe format (in Original) in respect of the funds already released by this Department, if any, and the ATIs, which have not yet started filing the expenditure details in EAT Module of PFMS, will not be considered.

Yours faithfully

Encl. As above.

(D. Ramesh Babu)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


S. No. Name of Item Number of Units to be sanctioned Price Range (per unit) Purpose/ Usage
1. Desktop Computer and Software 75-125 5,000-60,000 All these items would be used by State ATIs for training purpose
2. (i) Laser Printers 75-125 6,000-10,000
(ii) Multifunction Printer /Scanner with USB connection 5 (Maximum) 30,000-40,000
(iii) Printer cum Scanner/Laser Bar Code Scanner 1 15,000-21,000
3. Networking / Wi-Fi One time 1,00,000-2,50,000
4. Anti Virus Software 75-125 1000-2000
5. UPS (10KVA) 1 for 20 Desktops 1,25,000
6. LCD Projector 6 (Maximum) 50,000-1,25,000
7. Digital Audio Recorder 1-2 8000-10,000
8. LCD/LED/Video Wall 1-5 1,00,000-3,00,000
9. Collar Mike with Speaker 1-10 9000
10. (i) Heavy Duty Printer /copier 1-2 2,50,000-3,00,000
(ii) Photocopier Machine (Normal) 1-5 80,000-1,00,000
11. Desktop Magnetic Desensitizer 1 20,000-25,000
12. IP Phone 1-10 10,000-12,000
13. IP Phone Gateway 1 40,000-42,000
14. Visualizer 1 70,000-80,000
15. Smart Board 1-5 40,000-45,000
16. Public Address System /Sound System For each training hall 2,00,000- 2,50,000
17. Server Rack 1 1,50,000-2,50,000
18. Other items On case to case basis with the concurrence of IFD
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Source: DoPT