Railway | GDCE -Clarification on Consolidated Instructions [RBE No. 03/2020]

Railway | GDCE -Clarification on Consolidated Instructions [RBE No. 03/2020]

RBE No. 03/2020

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)I/2018/PM 1/23

New Delhi, dated 07.01.2020

The General Managers
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units.
(as per standard mailing list)

Sub: GDCE – clarification regarding eligibility of employees of PUs.

In terms of instructions contained in Railway Board’s letter No. E(NG)I/2001/PM2/12 dated 21.1.2002 and consolidated instructions on GDCE dated 02.08.2018 (click to view), regular Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff of the Production Units who fulfill the stipulated eligibility conditions are also permitted to appear in GDCE whenever conducted by Zonal Railways for filling up the vacancies in different Group ‘C’ categories.

Railway Board Order: General Departmental Competitive Examination — Consolidated instructions

2. Doubts have been raised by some of the Zonal Railways as to whether the notifications for GDCE being issued by the Zonal Railways should include employees of all Production Units, or employees of only Production Units coming within the geographical jurisdiction of the Zonal Railway concerned.

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3. To enable a view being taken in the matter, the actual practice being followed by the Zonal Railways in this regard during the last 5 years while issuing notification for GDCE was called for.

4. Based on the replies received from the Railways and discussions held on the matter in the PCPQs’ conference held on 23th and 24th December, 2019, the matter has been considered by the Board.

5. In supersession of the existing instructions on the subject, it has been decided that an employee of a Production Unit can have opportunity for GDCE in only one Zonal Railway. Accordingly, a list of the Production Units etc along with the Zonal Railway with which each is clubbed for the purpose of GDCE is enclosed herewith. Employees working in other attached and subordinate offices and any other offices will be eligible for applying for GDCE against notification issued by the Zonal Railways in whose territorial jurisdiction the said offices are located.

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6, Henceforth, when GDCE notifications are issued by a Zonal Railway, it should be endorsed to the Production Unit(s), with which it has been clubbed and to the attached and subordinate offices etc., which are located in the territorial Jurisdiction of the Railways to enable the employees of the relevant Production Units(s) etc. to apply for the Railway’s GDCE.

7. Please acknowledge reccipt.

DA: As above.

(D. Joseph)
Joint Director/Estt. (N)
Railway Board

No. E(NG)I/2018/PM 1/23

New Delhi, dated 07.01.2020

Copy forwarded to:-

  1. The Genl. Secy., AIRF, Room No.253, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi (35 copies).

  2. The Genl. Secy., NFIR, Room No.256-E, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi (35 copies).

  3. All Members/Departmental Council & National Council & Secretary/Staff Side, National Council, 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi (60 spares).

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for Secretary /Railway Board

PU/Organisation clubbed to Zone for GDCE

No. PU Zone
1 CLW, Chittaranjan ER
2 CORE, Allahabad NCR
3 DLW, Varanasi NCR
4 DMW, Patiala NR
5 ICF, Chennai SR
6 MCF, Raibareli NE
7 RCF,Kapurthala NR
8 RWF, Bengaluru SWR
9 RWF, Bela ECR
10 RDSO, Lucknow NR
11 Metro Rail ER


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