Governmet Instant Messaging System – Frequently Asked System

Governmet Instant Messaging System – Frequently Asked System

GIMS is the instant messaging platform for Government communication. GIMS platform provides GIMS mobile client for instant messaging and GIMS Portal for administration and monitoring of platform. Designed to suit the hierarchy and communication policies of the government. Adaptable to both the central and state government organizations for intra and inter organization communication.

About GIMS

1 What is GIMS?

GIMS is Government Instant Messaging System. GIMS platform provides instant messaging capabilities to the government. National Informatics Centre has developed and introduced GIMS for the exchange of messages in the Government Sector.

2 Who can use GIMS?

Government employees having, or any official eMail account can use GIMS.

3 What are the components of GIMS platform?

GIMS platform consists of GIM mobile app for instant messaging and GIMS admin portal ( for administration and monitoring of the platform. GIMS consists of various modules to support processes like user on boarding, registration, login and instant communication using messages and files as well as group messaging.

4 What is on-boarding to GIMS?

GIMS is an official communication channel. Before using GIMS one needs to be on-boarded. Provisioning the user information in GIMS by the organisation unit authorities is known as on boarding.

5 How one can get on boarded in GIMS?

Organisation unit Admins can enter the data of the user through the portal. Provision is available in the portal for bulk upload using csv files. A standard format of the csv file is provided in the portal. The employee data of an office can be arranged in this csv format for bulk upload.

6 What is registration?

Registration is the process of first time login of a user into GIMS through the mobile app.

7 What is an OU?

OU is an Organisation Unit. An organisation can be divided into different OUs for ease of managing the members / employees. For example, in NIC each State is an OU.

8 Where do I get GIMS application?

GIMS android app can be down loaded from the GIMS portal One has to login to the portal using LDAP account for downloading the app. Alternately one can download the application from the link, if any, provided through NICeMail / SMS.

9 How do I know new versions of GIMS?

Latest version is available at download centre in the portal. When a new version is released a notification message will be sent to GIMS users.

10 How can I add a contact to my contact list?

You can add contacts either by Phone book sync or one by one using mobile number or eMail Id of a GIMS registered user.

11 What does phone book sync do?

Phone book sync will take phone numbers from your mobile contact list and searches the GIMS server whether that number is a GIMS registered number. If so, the contact is added to your GIMS contact list.

12 What is a notification?

Notification is an alert given by the underlying OS regarding the receipt of a message, when GIMS is not in the foreground.



1 How to install GIMS?

There are two apps for GIMS. One Android version and one iOS version. Both the apps can be down loaded from the portal. Installation notes are available at download centre in the portal.

2 What if the App not getting installed by tapping the downloaded APK?

It can happen if downloaded file is corrupt or browser does not have installation permission. Before installing this APK make sure you have enabled ‘Install Unknown Apps’ settings on your mobile. You may also have to disable Google Play Protect on your mobile. If you are installing from File Manager or Chrome Browser then make sure to enable Install Unknown Apps permission to File Manager/Chrome Browser. This can be done through Settings -> Apps -> [File Manager/Chrome] -> Install Unknown Apps

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3 How can I know the version number of the GIMS installed in my phone?

Go to profile page. The version number with build date is displayed.

4 Should I logout to install a new version?

No. While logged in one can install the new version and continue using GIMS.

5 Will the new version automatically get installed in my mobile?

No. When the notification regarding new version is received, login to the portal from the mobile, download the app and install it.


1 What is registration?

Registration is the process of first time login of a user into GIMS through the mobile app.

2 Is there any registration process for using GIMS?

There is an on boarding process of the employees by the Organisational Unit Admin. The OU admin will have to onboard an employee before one start using GIMS.

3 How can I login to GIMS?

Using NICeMail account and password one can login to GIMS.

4 How do I know whether I am on boarded?

When you try to login to GIMS portal for download or login to the App, appropriate message will be displayed

GIMS Features

1 Can I chat with all GIMS contacts?

Yes, One can chat with all contacts from the contacts list.

2 Can I add any contact to my GIMS contact list?

No. Only GIMS on boarded and registered contacts can be added.

3 How can I add a contact to my chat list?

One can add contacts by Phone Book Sync option. Alternately, one can add contacts one by oneusing ‘Add Contact’ option.

4 How to broadcast a message?

Select the Broadcast message menu. Your contact list will be displayed. Select the contacts. Then type the message and send. Presently 10 contacts can be added in a broadcast list.

5 What is a list?

List is any group in which you are a visitor. A visitor of a group can send messages to the group without being a member. A message posted by a visitor can only be seen and replied by members of the group. A visitor cannot view any other communication in the group.

6 Whether a GIMS message can be shared to another media?

Yes. One can select and forward the message(s) to any eMail from GIMS.

7 How do I send mail to NICeMail?

Select the message(s) to be shared. Then press the Mail icon shown at the bottom bar. This will provide mail option wherein one can type the To address and CC and BCC addresses. The mails can be sent to NICeMail or any other mail.

8 Is my messages in GIMS are encrypted?

One to one messages are end to end encrypted. Group messages end to end encryption will be introduced shortly.

9 Why message received just now in my mobile is showing an old time?

Messages delivered to you will be showing the message sent time. For some reasons the message could not be delivered to you instantly, or you were offline. Then the message will show the time it is received in the server.

10 Why I am seeing decryption failed messages sometimes?

When the senders encryption key is not available with you this will happen. In the latest version of GIMS this is fixed. If your sender and you upgraded to this version this message will stop.

11 Why I got automatically logged out of GIMS?

When a critical version of GIMS is released, force logout will be enforced. In such cases you will be logged out and forceful update will be insisted.

12 How can I report a bug or problem to the support team?

A feedback group is listed for all GIMS users. You can post your feedback or problem in this group.

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13 Why I am not getting notifications?

If GIMS is not whitelisted by the underlying OS it may get killed while in background.In such scenario notifications may not be delivered. One can select the optimize notifications menu and set battery optimisation

NO for GIMS to overcome this scenario.

14 Can I change the profile picture?

No. Profile picture can be changed by the Admins. If GIMS is integrated with HR packages of your department the picture will be updated from HR data.

15 How can I send same message to multiple users?

You can use broadcast message option from the menu.

16 What is End to End Encryption?

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages. It ensures message privacy between the sender and the receiver by making it impossible for your telecom network, internet service provider or GIMS backend systems to read the messages exchanged.

17 Is GIMS integrated with any other application?

Yes. GIMS is integrated with DigiLocker. Any PDF document received in GIMS can be uploaded to DigiLocker.

18 Can I backup the messages?

Backup option is given in the profile page. Backup will be taken in the device. When reinstall the App it will prompt for restore from the backup.

19 What is Mute Notification Sound option?

GIMS notification sound can be muted using this option. Notification sound can be muted for all or for a particular contact.

20 Is broadcast list can be maintained?

Broadcast list is for temporary use and will be available in chat list only.

21 How do I know that the message is delivered to the recipient?

In one to one chat,One grey tick below the message indicates message reached the server.Two grey ticks indicate the message is delivered. Two green ticks indicate the message is read by the recipient. One grey clock symbol indicates that the message is no

22 What is a broadcast message?

For sending a message to multiple contacts one can use the Broadcast Message option from the menu.

23 How to update My Availability Status in GIMS?

Select your profile. Click on the Availability status to customise. Select your present status and update. The updated status will be visible to others when they check your status.

24 How do I know the user presence?

Select the user. If a green ring is visible around the photo, the user is online. Select the profile screen of the user by clicking on the name. Here the last presence status will be displayed.

25 How can I ensure that my messages sent to contacts are end to end encrypted?

Go to profile page. Encryption Enabled information is listed there.

File Sharing

1 Can I share APK files through GIMS?

No. APK is a compiled executable file and sharing of such files are not supported through GIMS

2 How to upload a document to DigiLocker?

Select the PDF document received in a message. Then press the DigiLocker icon shown at the bottom bar. This will lead you to the DigiLocker authorisation screen for the first time. You can provide your DigiLocker login credentials and login. Inside Digi

3 How do I share a file from my phone gallery?

You can share files from phone gallery by selecting the file (one file at a time) and using the share option. When share option is selected GIMS will be listed. Select GIMS and select the contact or group to which the file is to be shared and then send.

4 What different types of files one can share?

Images, media files and documents can be shared. This includes jpeg, png, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc, ppt, excel etc. Group Management

Group Management

1 Can I create a Group?

Yes. Through the mobile app one can create group and add members from the contact list. However, being an official messaging channel, Official Groups are created by office. OU admin will create official groups and add members to the group.

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2 What are the different types of groups available in GIMS?

Official groups and temporary groups.

3 What is a temporary group?

Groups created through the app are temporary groups.

4 What is an official group ?

Groups created by delegated Admins through GIMS portal are official groups. One can not opt out from an official group. Through the App, members of an official group cannot be removed. Official groups cannot be dispersed through the App.

5 What is a list?

A list is a group in which you are not a member. A message sent to a non-member group is a list message.

6 Why can’t I post messages to certain GROUPS?

Some official groups are created like that wherein you are not a participant. In such groups only users with participant privilege will be able to post messages. For example, in some organisation units (OU) default OU groups are created with limited user

7 How can one know the members of a group?

Select the group and click on the group name at the top. The group members will be listed.

8 How can I delete a group?

Groups created through portal by Admis are official groups and cannot be deleted. Group created by you or you are the Admin of a group, such groups can be deleted. Disperse group option can be used for this.

9 Whether a message can be sent to a non-member group?

No. One can send messages to a group in which the user is a member

10 Why there is no option to exit from some groups?

One cannot exit from an official group created by the office

11 What is the difference between broadcast message and group message?

Broadcast Message option can be used for sending a message to multiple contacts. Broadcast list can be created from the contact list. Group mesasge is a message posted in a group.

12 What is the difference between broadcast message and group message?

Broadcast message option can be used for sending a message to multiple contacts without creating a group. A goup message is a message posted in a group.

iOS App

1 Can I distribute my GIMS iOS installation file with my friends?

No, user needs to login to using safari browser to install GIMS.

2 Can I install gims from iOS app store?

No, You need to login to using safari browser to install GIMS.

3 Where do I get the installation file for GIMS iOS version?

You need to login to using safari browser to install GIMS in iPhone.

4 Why GIMS is not getting installed using Chrome browser in iPhone?

GIMS is an enterprise application. Installation of enterprise applications are supported by native browser of iOS. Safari, the native browser of iOS must be used to download and install GIMS.

5 Why the GIMS installed in my iPhone is not opening?

You must trust the enterprise account of National Informatics Centre in your phone settings. Refer the installation note published in the portal.

6 Why I am not getting GIMS notifications when I cleared all running apps in iPhone?

Because of OS level restriction of iOS some background services may not be running. You can keep GIMS in the background to receive notifications.