Revised Guidelines on Purchase of Laptops/Note Books and similar devices for eligible officers – DoE OM dated 27.03.2020

Revised Guidelines on Purchase of Laptops/Note Books and similar devices for eligible officers – DoE OM dated 27.03.2020

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, the 27th March 2020

Office Memorandum

Subject: Instruction for purchase of laptops/note books and similar devices for eligible officers – revised guidelines

In partial modification of this Ministry’s OMs bearing No. 08(64)/2017-EII(A) dated 20.02.2018 and 22.10.2018 on the above subject, it has been decided that laptop, note pad and similar devices may also be issued, on the grounds of functional necessity, to officers of the rank of Under Secretary/ Section Officers and equivalent tank subject to the condition that this shall be restricted to 25% of the sanctioned strength of these posts.

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2. These powers shall be exercised by Secretaries of the Ministries/ Department and any other authorities who have been specifically delegated these powers by this Ministry from time to time, in consultation with FA of the Department. Other terms and conditions as detailed in this Ministry’s OM dated 20.02.2018 shall remain the same. Although this Ministry’s OM dated 20.02.2018 prescribes a maximum limit of Rs.80,000/- [excluding taxes] towards cost of the device including standard software, cost of the device may be kept to the minimum within the prescribed limit duly taking into consideration minimum technical requirements.

3. Requests have been received for issuance of laptop/note book or similar devices to Consultants engaged by Ministries/Departments. In this connection it is stated that Secretaries of the Ministries/Departments may take a decision in this regard purely on the basis of functional necessity, in consultation with FA, on case to
case basis separately. The terms and conditions as given in this Ministry’s OM dated 20.02.2018 relating to retention, return and re-issue will, however, not apply in this case. Ministries/Departments may accordingly decide the duration of issue, upkeep and return of these devices separately.

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4. It is also stated that expenditure may be incurred for these purposes within the existing budget provisions and no additional budget allocation will be made on this ground.

5. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(S. Naganathan)
Deputy Secretary to Government of India


(i) All Ministries and Departments of the Government of India
(ii) All Financial Advisers

Copy to :-
Cabinet Secretary
Prime Minister’s Office


Source: DoE