PCA (FYS) Circular No. 189 : Annual Closing of Accounts for the year 2019-20

PCA (FYS) Circular No. 189 : Annual Closing of Accounts for the year 2019-20

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कार्यालय प्रधान लेखा नियंत्रक (र्फे)
10ए एस के बोस रोड, कोलकाता – 700001
10-A, S K BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA – 700001

Important Circular No. 189

No. A/II/00173/XII/AC

Dt. 20.03.2020



  1. Kirkee Gr. of Fys, Ammunition Factory, Kirkee – 411 003
  2. Bengal Gr. of Fys, Rifle Factory, Ishapore – 743 144
  3. Kanpur Gr. of Fys, Ord. Equipment Factory, Kanpur – 208 013
  4. Avadi Gr. of Fys, H.V. Factory, Avadi – 600 054
  5. Ambajhari Gr. of Fys, Ordnance Factory, Ambajhari – 440 021
  6. Jabalpur Gr. of Fys, Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur – 482 009
  7. Ord. Factory Project, Medak – 502 205
  8. Ord. Factory Project, Bolangir – 767 032
  9. Dehradun Gr. of Fys, OPTO Elect. Project, Dehradun – 248 008

Subject :- Annual Closing of Accounts for the year 2019-20.
Reference:- HQrs office letter No. A/I/113311/ACA/2019-20 dt.19.03.2020


As per guidelines issued by the CGA, Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure), vide their OM No. S-11022/01/153/MF-CGA/DAMA/Prov./2019-20/631 dated 18.03.2020, it has been intimated by HQrs Office, Delhi vide letter No. cited under reference that closing of accounts for Financial year 2019-20 will be done in the following Phases: –

  1. a) March (Preliminary)
  2. b) March (Supplementary) (March Final)
  3. Accordingly, there will be no Manual Account. March Supplementary (Supplementary – I) will be treated as March Final Account. However, 3 to 4 days time window for reporting any exceptional manual corrections have been provided to the PCsDA/CsDA before finalizing March Supplementary – I Account (March Final) in terms of Para 29 of Defence Account Code, 2014. The closing dates of Accounts for the F.Y. 2019-20 is 31st March 2020. The following dates have been fixed for the closing of accounts for the financial year 2019-20.
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Month’s Account Date by which the last batch of PM/Mail should reach EDP SEC. of M.O. (with requisite certificates). Remarks
1. 2. 3.
March (Preliminary) 2020 03-04-2020 PMs/Mail should be sent in batches as usual by name to Shri Koushik Sikdar, A O. EDP Sec. 10A, S.K. Bose Road, Kolkata-1.
March (Supplementary-I) 2020 (March Final) 20-04-2020
Time window for March Supplementary -I Account (March Final) 24-04-2020


Sl. No. Item of Work Due Date
1. Submission of proposal for adjustment on proforma basis outside the books of RBI 04.05.2020
2. Last date for submission of Journal Entries through e-lekha 29.05.2020

The detailed guidelines for closing of accounts are contained in Annexure ‘A’ to this circular.

  1. The Punching Media for March (Prelim.) and March Sy-I Accounts, 2020 are to be dispatched by all concerned duly typed to the EDP Center(s) daily in convenient batches. The last PM / batch for the time window should be dispatched / handed over to EDP up to 24.04.2020. Controller Offices may also ensure suitable arrangements to avoid non-inclusion of P.M. in the March (Prelim) and March Supplementary -I i.e.
    (Sy-I) (March Final)
    . It may also please be ensured that maximum leftover bookings are made in March (Prelim.) Accounts itself. Bookings in March Supplementary -1 Account (March Final) are made only in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Interest on accumulations in various Provident Fund Accounts for the year 2019-20 may please be compiled in the March Prelim Accounts, 2020 positively. For this purpose all fund transactions taking place during 2019-20 should be booked within March Preliminary and any rectification required should be carried out in March Supplementary-I, 2020 Accounts. Non-compilation should be caused of Administrative Action.
  3. Central transfers of authorized heads will be carried out by the EDP Centre of HQrs in March (Prelim), 2020.
  4. All the Group Controllers may please ensure that no rectification / adjustments are proposed after closing of March Supplementary -I Account. After closing of March supplementary -I Account i.e. (March Final), However, in exceptional and unavoidable cases, where rectifications / adjustments are necessary, Journal Entries are to be prepared with the approval of CFA(Fys). The detailed instructions in this regard are given in Annexure ‘A’ to this circular.
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Therefore, the contents of this circular may please be got noted by all concerned under your jurisdiction and kept on records.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Asstt. Controller of Accounts (Fys.)

Copy to:-

1. The Officer – in – Charge
All Br. Accounts Offices

2. The Officer – in – Charge
All Audit Section, M.O.Local

3. The Officer -in -Charge
O/o the Principal Director of Audit  (DS) Kolkata

4. DDG, Budget OFB, Kolkata

As per HQrs office, Delhi directive, please ensure that maximum leftover booking are made in March (Prelim) Account itself. Booking in March Supplementary -I Account (March Final) are made only in exceptional circumstances.
5. The Officer – in – Charge
EDP Section, M.O, Local
For compliance and uploading

Sr. Accounts Officer (Fys.)